The Story Bridge Hotel is a Brisbane icon—a local pub that holds a special place in the hearts of generations of Brisbane residents.


Built in 1886 as the Kangaroo Point Hotel, the hotel is one of only seven, three-story hotels in Queensland from that period.


It was re-named The Story Bridge hotel in 1940 to coincide with the actual opening of The Story Bridge.


Bought by the Deery family in 1967, the hotel soon became the ‘village pub’ to the residents of Kangaroo Point—a suburb that was moving from being an industrial area to a popular residential location.


In 1978 the Deery family obtained a photograph of the hotel taken in 1912 which depicted the building as it looks today. The photo inspired Barrie Deery to restore the hotel to its former glory, a process that took over a decade of red tape and regulation wrangling to occur.


In the meantime, the Annexe at the back of the hotel—a bottle shop converted out of an old WWII bomb shelter—underwent further extensions and established itself as one of the most original and well-known pubs in town. Non-descript as it seemed, the ‘Bomb Shelter’ spawned a true live entertainment scene in Brisbane and was noted mostly for the originality, range and quality of the acts that performed there.


The hotel became home to some of Australia's greatest special events: The Australia Day Cockroach Races and The National Festival of Beers. Both these events have greatly contributed to the successful image of The Story Bridge Hotel. In August 1994, the newly refurbished hotel was officially by the Lord Mayor, Cr. Jim Soorley.


The Bomb Shelter was retired in 2003, and in its place, three new contemporary areas were added: The Shelter Bar, The Outback Bar & Grill, and the new SBH Cellars—giving new meaning to the saying ‘it’s all under the bridge’.


Today, Barrie’s son and daughter, Richard and Jane Deery, manage the hotel, making “Story Bridge Hotel” one of the last remaining family owned and operated hotels in Brisbane. A true landmark, ‘The Bridge’ has gained an enviable reputation for its fine food, extensive range of beers, quality wines and spirits. Come join us for a quick drink, great meals, good company and lots of fun!