Tom Deery

Date: Jul 25, 2019

Time: 7pm - 11pm

Location: Outback Bar, Story Bridge Hotel

HP1 | Outback Bar & Grill

Tom Deery

Acoustic guitar and vocal honesty with no tricks – just the real deal is what you will get with Tom Deery. It’s refreshing to hear an artist that keeps it simple, who lets the song breath and creates the space for you truly enjoy stripped back songs! Come along pull up a table and be prepared to sing along!

John Malcom

Date: Jul 21, 2019

Time: 2:30pm - 6:30pm

Location: Corner Bar, Story Bridge Hotel

HP2 | The Corner Bar

John Malcom

In live performance, John is able to captivate and hold an audience through both his technical prowess and the sheer diversity of his music. The secret of John’s long-standing success is in choosing cover songs from a wide range of musical styles, and mixing them with his original tunes; this provides a platform for both his vocal poetry and guitar virtuosity. John is committed to his art, and uses music as a way of exploring the heart and soul of his life experience and the world around him. His music has been described as humorous, introspective, profound, and brilliantly original. John’s hands surge and flourish over every part of the fretboard, his performances becoming as much a visual display as an acoustic experience. John Malcolm is a solo performer who has consistently enthralled Brisbane audiences for some 25 years. He holds records for long residencies.


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